Talia gusfield



Get to know Talia...

If you had asked Talia five years ago if she would ever teach yoga, she would have laughed. Growing up in Northern California, Talia swam competitively, did cardio kickboxing, and earned a black belt in Taekwondo, but yoga was never on her radar.

After high school, Talia attended a small liberal arts college in Los Angeles, where she majored in Sociology and Economics, studied abroad in a Nepali-speaking region of North-Eastern India, and became an avid gym-goer to stay in shape. Right after she graduated, Talia moved to San Francisco to work as a financial analyst at a bank, but she always knew finance wouldn't be her career. So after several years in San Francisco, Talia left her job to volunteer in Nepal and travel around Southeast Asia.

After a life-changing year abroad and a lot of soul-searching, Talia began an intensive program at Chicago's French Pastry School and soon started working in the pastry kitchen of a high end restaurant/hotel. It was during pastry school that Talia "discovered" yoga. To burn off the pastries, Talia became a committed yogi; she loved the way that yoga allowed her to disconnect from the world, while simultaneously getting an awesome workout.

To deepen her practice and connect to like-minded people, Talia began her first yoga teacher training program in early 2015, and has since completed two additional trainings. Although she still loves making pastries, Talia now teaches yoga full time, and feels lucky every day to be able to go to a job that is fun, enriching, and never feels like work!