stephanie latreille



Get to know Stephanie...

Stephanie began her career in health and fitness in 2002 as a group fitness instructor of many formats but later evolved her teaching to focus on yoga instruction. 

Stephanie has taught yoga to people of all ages and levels and always strives to help her students find the best practice to suit their individual needs. As well as teaching yoga, Stephanie has worked as a school teacher and language instructor for a number of years. She has taught children as young as 3 all the way to senior citizens from a variety of cultural backgrounds in many different settings.

Stephanie loves meeting new people and assisting them in achieving their goals wether it be in language development, yoga, or anything else. Stephanie loves culture and travel especially the language and culinary aspects of them.

When Stephanie's not teaching yoga, she is studying language, exploring new types of foods or experimenting with various ethnic recipes in the kitchen. Travel is Stephanie's true passion. Being able to develop her yoga practice as well as her cultural understanding and love of food in any country has brought her pure bliss. She is always up for a new challenge or exciting experience and never misses an opportunity to take advantage of the next adventures life has to offer.