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My journey to yoga began many years ago. When I was young, my mother would take me to classes so that I could learn to stay calm and breathe deeply. She believed that yoga could teach me how to relax in a natural way. Not only did it help me learn to regulate my breathing, but I continued to use it to stay calm and grounded. At university, I started practicing yoga more frequently for the physical as well as mental benefits, and I eventually began to practice at home when studios and classes were not available to me. Having my own home practice helped me discover and mold my own style.

When I relocated to Hong Kong and found myself in a constant state of frenzy and chaos, I once again looked to yoga. I found a wonderful studio close to my apartment and started to go every day. I began to follow inspirational teachers and eventually started to see yoga as more than just a practice for the physical and mental bodies. After realizing how important yoga had become to me, I quit my job to start training as a yoga teacher. I booked an Ashtanga yoga teacher training program at Sampoorna Yoga in Goa, India and started a very life changing experience.

After a year of traveling, teaching, and studying under teachers in many different countries, I headed back to India to complete my 500 hour certification in Vinyasa Flow yoga. My teaching reflects my personal yoga practice and it is inspired by Ashtanga sequences and alignment. The focus is on linking breath with movement, which in turn helps to calm and focus the mind.