jackie brandys



Get to know Jackie...

I took my first yoga class in 2004. It was a cold December day during
winter break and I needed some heat. A friend told me about a yoga
class that was in a 105 degree room and I was excited to try it. Even
though I went for the heat, I was immediately hooked on yoga. As a
former Ballerina of 14 years, I had the flexibility but was lacking
mindfulness. I loved the mind body connection and peace of mind that
yoga provided for me, both on and off the mat. I took my practice with
me to Tucson, Arizona where I got my bachelors degree in Nutrition andAnthropology.

My yoga practice was always the thing I looked forward to the most. It has kept me mentally and physically strong, and has
provided more benefits to my life than can be simply put into words.
After college, working full time in a hospital setting left me feeling
very unfulfilled. I knew teaching yoga was my calling but was afraid to
take that leap. After four years of being in the workforce I decided
enough was enough and completed my 200 hour teacher training at
Yoga View. I became a yoga instructor to help other people and spread
the joy and good vibes into our community.

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