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Get to know Dee Dee...

Dee Dee Knoche was a stressed out New Yorker, living there in the 90's to pursue the performing arts. She thought she would take a break from hardcore workouts one day and wandered into her first yoga class to " stretch". That class surprised her because it was not easy, but it connected her to a calm feeling, that seemed to be not cultivated, as much as uncovered by the practice.

Being hooked from that point, she went back every week and before long, immersed into teacher training, appreciative to have been on what seemed to be the leading edge of the modern yoga explosion inspired by some of her teachers of the time. These included David Life and Sharon Gannon of Jivamukti where she did 200 hour teacher training, Dana Flynn of Laughing Lotus fame and Cyndi Lee of Om to name a few. Never intending to actually teach but just learn, she then found herself living in Chicago under difficult circumstances and in 2004, could no longer resist the call to share as a teacher, what got her through them.

Since then she has expanded her practice from Ashtanga, and Power Vinyasa Flow to include and offer Functional Yoga ,Yoga Therapeutics, Restorative and Prenatal, and has a playful, lighthearted approach in all her classes. She likes challenging, creative, and intelligently sequenced practices, that honor one's individual needs in the group setting and to make everyone feel welcome and hopefully inspired.

Dee Dee lives in Lincoln Park with her teenage son and two weird cats, and shares his love of Marvel movies. She is a long time student of Astrology and of the I-Ching and is looking forward to learning Thai Massage. She can also happily say she is no longer stressed out on a daily basis or very much ever,thanks to Yoga and it's tools and is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Bottom Line Yoga community.

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