Student Spotlight: John Edinger


Many congratulations to John Edinger on his retirement!

John started working for Continental Bank in 1985. He has been working out at noon (instead of sitting and eating) since graduate school in 1979, and joined the yoga culture at the Board of Trade Building in 2010. These days, you can find John taking the train to Union Station to swim at the pool on Randolph and Michigan before heading to BLY.  He then heads home to make dinner for his lovely bride.

How long have you been practicing yoga? Since 2000, but you wouldn’t know it from my practice.  I have the tightest hamstrings in the Western Hemisphere.  Typically the instructor started many years after I did.  Soon they will have been born after I started to practice.

What is your yoga routine? How has it changed since you began and how does it continue to evolve? The classes have evolved.  Years ago the instructors were more into sitting in a full lotus and doing headstands.  Not so much of that anymore, which is good as I won’t be doing those until my next life.

What are your favorite yoga pose?  My favorite yoga pose is legs up the wall.

How have you integrated yoga into your work life, and what has yoga added in return?  I was headed to disability as I could not sit at a desk without being in pain until I started noon time yoga.

What’s your Bottom Line?  My bottom line is unchanged since I was little.  I love to go out and play as soon as school is over.