Yes, BLY is in the Chicago Board of Trade Building.

It's no JOKE! Where LaSalle ends, happiness begins. Thank you, Crain's for featuring our Chicago Board of Trade location!

A yoga studio inside the Chicago Board of Trade building? Although it's scheduled to open April 1, Bottom Line Yoga is no April Fool's Day joke. The 3,000-square-foot facility at 141 W. Jackson Blvd., Suite 750, includes "a mindful lounge with nap hours." It's designed for busy corporate professionals, with convenient class times and formats, including 50-minute lunchtime sessions and open meditation. “Our clients enjoy the mind and body benefits of yoga and meditation without sacrificing the ability to make it home for dinner,” founder and Director Lauren Goggins says in a statement. Bottom Line Yoga will offer group classes in yoga as well as private sessions and life coaching.

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