If Google's doing it, soon you will be!


or most people that attended the Search Inside Yourself workshop, it was the first time they had ever been introduced to meditation or mindfulness. Many of them were sent by their company to test drive the program to see if it was something that could be brought back to their office. My experience was very different. As a long time yoga practitioner and meditator, I had been introduced to every exercise in the book at one time or another, through trainings, retreats, workshops - mindful meditation, mindful conversation, body scanning, loving kindness meditation - check, check, check, check. In my experience up until the Search Inside Yourself workshop, I had done these practices in a room with yogis sitting on meditation cushions, and it was often accompanied by OMing, gonging, mantra, people talking about sharing energy and imagining the spine as a line of energy connected to earth and the sky - Woo Woo.

When I showed up to the Contemporary Jewish Museum on November 7th, 2014, my world erupted! I walked in to a room of corporate professionals - consultants, investors, CEO's, Google programmers, engineers, business owners, HR Directors and people who wear suits, not harem pants. Without any explanation, we were immediately guided into a meditation, then we were asked to turn to the person next to us to share about the experience. It was something I had done several times before, yet this time it was very different. I realized that mindful practices really do belong in the corporate world; they belong everywhere.

On the final day we had a sharing circle. One of the guys in my group was a 28 year old investment banker from Manhattan, and as he began to speak, my ears perked. He said on the first day, he was really skeptical because he had ever attempted any mindful practice, but after just two days of learning these tools, he felt better than he had in years. The way he said it was genuine, and I could tell his life had taken a 1 degree shift - enough to completely change the trajectory of his life. In that moment I knew the world was ready, even if they didn't know it - now, that's the kicker.

I now believe more than ever that literally ANYONE can embrace these practices. They are not just for monks; they are for anybody, anywhere, for any reason. And, if google's doing it, it will inevitably be mainstream, so get ready for a more mindful world.

So, that's me in the beginning of the video and this workshop changed my life.