What's your Bottom Line?

Our bottom line is the feeling that occurs, when there is complete presence in the moment, when mind, body, and spirit integrate to create the sensation of oneness with everything. If you think this sounds crazy it’s because mindful practices cannot be explained, they can only be felt.







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About Us


Our founder, Lauren Goggins, discovered yoga when she was fourteen after a sports related basketball injury. Although, she's not sure if yoga healed her herniated disk, she kept coming back to the practice because of the way it made her feel. Eighteen years later, she is still chasing that feeling.

All of us at Bottom Line Yoga have had a similar experience. Most of us believe so strongly in mindful practices that we quit our nine-to-fives to pursue this passion. Now, we don’t want you to follow in our footsteps, but we believe the world be a much friendlier place if everyone had access to mindfulness in the workplace.

As a team, we are seeking to share these practices with everyone we meet. When one discovers the state of consciousness through mindful practices, it begins to redefine their life. The bottom line shifts from the external world of consumption and receiving, to the internal world of contentment and wholeness. This small shift leads to big changes in the way one lives, and makes choices. Mindful practices are redefining American’s bottom line from what can I take, to what can I give. And, now is the time to give yourself this great gift.

If you don't believe us, come take a free class, and see how you feel!